Territorial Pact Leskovac
Cuba, Russian Roulette of America
Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in Young Adult Wistar Rats
Dynamics of Capital Structure
An Universal Military Dictionary, or a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms &c. Used in the Equipment, Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations of an Army. by Capt. George Smith,
Meditations and Contemplations. ... by James Hervey, ... to Which Is Prefixed, the Life of the Author. a New Edition
The English Physician Enlarged with Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Medicines, Made of English Herbs, That Were Not in Any Impression Until This. ... by Nich. Culpepper,
The Complete Works of M. de Montesquieu. Translated from the French. in Four Volumes. ... Volume 4 of 4
The Compleat Housewife: Or Accomplish'd Gentlewoman's Companion. ... by E. Smith. the Fifteenth Edition, with Additions
Letters from a Young Painter Abroad to His Friends in England. Adorned with Copper Plates. ... the Second Edition. Volume 2 of 2
Carrizo Plain National Monument
Yody and Bippy the Boo: Friends for Life
Reading, Writing and Understanding Editorials
Amazing Strawberry Recipes for Children
A History of the Urantia Papers
The Interesting Pen Pal
The Single Woman's Guide to a Happy Pregnancy, 2010 Edition
Modeling and Characterization of Traffic in Public Safety Networks
Applying Security Risk Management to Internet Connectivity
Case Study Evaluation of Three Teaching Modalities
Classification of Inductive Limits of Continuous Trace C*-Algebras
Biohydrogen Production by Photosynthetic Bacteria in Solar Reactors
Recognition of Language Rights Under International Human Rights Law
The Adventures of Umphy the Umgum
Surf Fishing
The Accidental Adventures of Young Shakespeare
How to Fish in Salt Water
Among Us Women
A Hero for Our Time
Fly Rod Casting: The Expert's Guide
Success Through the Magic of Personal Power
More Golf Secrets
A Letter to the Reverend Dr. Free, by the Rev. Thomas Jones, ... the Second Edition, Corrected
The Rev. Dr. Harrod's Last Funeral Sermon.
Books Printed and Sold by J. Sowle, in White-Hart-Court in Gracious-Street, 1709.
Poems on Spiritual Subjects. by J. A. Knight
A Letter from a Free Citizen of Dublin, to a Freeholder in the County of Armagh.
Reasons of Protest, by Messrs Walker and Stuart; With Answers Thereto, by the Lord Provost, Magistrates and Council
The Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inspect the Accounts of the Masters in Chancery, Made to the Lords of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy-Council.
A Pill for the Doctor: Or, the Triple Wedding. a Musical Entertainment, as Performing at the Royalty-Theatre
Democracy, Development and Decentralisation in India: Continuing Debates
Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person: Improving Outcomes for That Minority of People Who Are the Majority of Clients
Charity: Or, the Sanctuary. a Poem. Inscribed to the Right Honourable, and Honourable the Presidents and Governors of the Lying-In Hospital, in Duke-Street, Grosvenor-Square.
The Good Shepherd. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at St. Ginnis in Cornwall, in the Year 1744. by John Cennick.
The Necessity of Instructing Children in the Scriptures. an Anniversary Sermon, Preached on Whitsun-Tuesday, (May 26. 1713.) at St. Ives, Huntingtonshire: ... by Simon Ockley, ...
Unanimity the Security of a Nation. a Sermon Preached at Hackney, on Thursday, April 23, 1795; ... by the Rev. J. Symons, B.D.
The Obligation and Proportion of Charity. a Sermon Preach'd Before the ... Lord Mayor, ... at the Parish Church of St. Bridget, on Wednesday in Easter-Week, April 1. 1730 by William Berriman,
Three Sermons on the Original, Nature, Properties, and Use of the Law, and Its Establishment Thro' Faith. by John Wesley, A.M
The Greatness of Hell-Torments. a Sermon Preach'd Before King William, at Hampton-Court, Novemb. 1700. by Sir William Dawes, ... the Second Edition. ... Part. III
Zinc Sulphate Matrices for the Individual Therapy of Wilson's Disease
Applied Electrochemical Methods for Heterogeneous Catalysis
Software Component Certification: A Component Quality Model
The Role of Chronic Illness in Mental Wellbeing
Parent-Teacher Communication
A National Change in Morals, in Measures, and in Politics Necessary to National Prosperity. a Discourse Preached on Friday the Fourth Day of February 1780, Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast
Quim: A Model for Usability/Quality in Use Measurement
Teaching History Meaningfully
The New Greengrocer Cookbook
Journey to Virtue Planet: An Inter-Active Storybook
Twenty-Five Years in the Black Belt (Illustrated Edition)
Viral Avenger: Adventures at Auld College
Let's All Sing Halloween Songs
Vidas de Felix V, Las
English Caricaturists. (Illustrated Edition)
Happy Village
Cavalry of the Clouds (Illustrated Edition)
Informal Reading Inventory: Preprimer to Twelfth Grade
The Art and Science of Intelligence Analysis
A Pindarick Ode on Painting. Addressed to Joshua Reynolds, Esq
The Great Duty of Universal Love and Charity a Sermon Preached Before the Queen, at St. James's Chapel. on Sunday December the 30th, 1705. by Samuel Clarke, ... the Third Edition.
The Christian's Way to Heaven: Or, What He Must Do to Be Saved? by a Divine of the Church of England. the Second Edition
The Glories of the Other World: A Sermon Preached at St. Mary Le Savoy, on Easter-Day, March 27. 1687. by Anthony Horneck, ...
A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, Made and Sold by John Jones, and Son, at Their Shop, No. 135, Near Furnival's Inn, Holborn, London.
A Sermon Preach'd in Exeter Apr. 3. Upon the Occasion of the Death of the Late Reverend and Learned Mr. James Peirce, ... by Joseph Hallet Jun. the Second Edition
A True History of the Honest Whigs. a Poem.
A Letter to a Member of Parliament, Concerning Dagenham-Breach: Occasion'd by the Late Ruin of the Works There. by Joseph Gillmore, Mathematician
Governing State Economies
A Letter to the Right Honourable Henry Grattan, on the Proposed Tax on Absentees
From Process Understanding to Process Control
Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education
Knowledge Creation and Work Envrionment
Collaborative Learning
Cataclysmic Soul: Taste, Superstition, and Fear
Computational Methods in Plasma Physics
Emerging Trends in Indian Politics: The Fifteenth General Election
Reporting for Journalists
Computational Electronics: Semiclassical and Quantum Device Modeling and Simulation
A Synopsis of Algebra. Being the Posthumous Work of John Alexander, of Bern ... to Which Is Added an Appendix by Humfrey Ditton. ... Done from the Latin by Sam. Cobb,
The World in Miniature; Containing a Curious and Faithful Account of ... the Different Countries of the World, Compiled from the Best Authorities;
Dramas and Poems, by T. Harpley
Elfrida, a Dramatic Poem. Written on the Model of the Ancient Greek Tragedy. by Mr. Mason. the Third Edition
Twelve Sermons. by John Grose,
Principles of the Christian Religion and Catholic Faith Investigated. by the Rev. Lewis Brittain,
Travels Through Barbary, in a Series of Letters, Written from the Ancient Numidia, in the Years 1785 and 1786,
Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. by Hugh Blair, ... in Three Volumes. ... the Second Edition, Corrected. Volume 3 of 3
An Historical and Biographical Dictionary, Containing an Account of the Hebrew Patriarchs and Princes, of Emperors, Kings, and Great Captains, of the Gods and Heroes of Pagan Antiquity Volume 1 of 4
The Works of the Late Aaron Hill, Esq; In Four Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 4
The Elements of Algebra, in Ten Books: By Nicholas Saunderson ... to Which Is Prefixed, an Account of the Author's Life and Character, ... Volume 1 of 2
The Comedies of Plautus, Translated Into Familiar Blank Verse, by Bonnell Thornton, ... Volume 3 of 5
The Elements of Algebra, in Ten Books: By Nicholas Saunderson ... to Which Is Prefixed, an Account of the Author's Life and Character, ... Volume 2 of 2
Eros on Thehalf Shell
Getting a Squirrel to Focus Engage and Persuade Today's Listeners
Loving God with All Five Senses
The Emotional Imprint of Clutter
Forts, Fights, and Frontier Sites: Wyoming Historic Locations
Hippopotamus Sea
Lewis C. Sheafe: Apostle to Black America
Show Me the Money!: Understanding the Value of Your Business
Young Hocus, or the History of John Bull, During the Years 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789. a Novel. by Sir W- L-, K-. with Notes, Critical and Explanatory, ..; Volume I
Observations on Dr. Price's Theory and Principles of Civil Liberty and Government, Preceded by a Letter to a Friend, on the Pretensions of the American Colonies, in Respect of Right and Equity
La Pucelle; Or, the Maid of Orleans. from the French of Voltaire. the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Cantos
Elements of Geometry, Translated from the French of J. J. Rossignol, ... the Second Edition
Charity and Truth: Or, Catholicks Not Uncharitable in Saying, That None Are Sav'd Out of the Catholick Communion. Because the Rule Is Not Universal. by H. E
Practical Guide to Apertureless Optical Scanning Microscopy
Cuban Christian Theological Higher Education
The Impact of Spirituality on Persons with Diabetes
A Jungian Reading of the Hero's Journey
Raising Student Achievement
An Analysis of South Korean Sports Reporters and PR Agents
The Relationship of Work Experience to Clinical Performance
Near-Surface Hydraulic Fracture
Profile of a Collaborative Elementary Catholic School Principal
A Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems Both Ancient and Modern. by Several Hands. ...
An History of the Corruptions of Christianity, in Two Volumes. by Joseph Priestley, ... the Second Edition. Volume 1 of 2
Philosophical Experiments and Observations of the Late Eminent Dr. Robert Hooke, ... and Other Eminent Virtuoso's in His Time. with Copper Plates. Publish'd by W. Derham, F.R.S.
An Essay on the Origin of Human Knowledge. Being a Supplement to Mr. Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding. Translated from the French of the ABBE de Condillac, ... by Mr. Nugent.
Medical Essays and Observations, Revised and Published by a Society in Edinburgh. ... the Second Edition Corrected. Volume 1 of 4
Laws of the Government of New-Castle, Kent and Sussex, Upon Delaware. Vol. I[-II]. Volume 2 of 2
Ars Praescribendi: Sive Pharmacop Ia Extemporanea Reformata. ... Editio Sexta. Per Tho. Fuller, ...
Bolingbroke. Or, a Dialogue on the Origin and Authority of Revelation. by Ferdo. Warner, ...
Trading with Ichimoku Clouds: The Essential Guide to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Technical Analysis
Tune in Tokyo: The Gaijin Diaries
Body Wisdom: Interplay of Body and Ego
Beyond the Great Recession: What Happened and How to Prosper
The Externals of the Catholic Church: Her Government, Ceremonies, Festivals, Sacramentals and Devotions
Baptism in the Reformed Tradition: An Historical and Practical Theology
Numerical Analysis of the Sail Aerodynamics
Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary Jacky Faber, Ship's Boy
Antioxidants of Healing Herbs: Withania and Rauwolfia
Sacred Poems on the Following Subjects: The Resignation. Meditations ... to Which Is Prefixed the Choice. by John Jones
The Trial of Abraham, a Dramatic Poem
A Third Letter, Containing Some Further Remarks on a Few More of the Numberless Errors and Defects in Dugdale's Baronage: With Occasional Observations on Some Other Authors.
The Art of Healing, or a New Practice of Physic. by Thomas Marryat, M.D. the Sixth Edition
Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke, Esq; To the Sheriffs of Bristol, on the Affairs of America. by the Earl of Abingdon. the Seventh Edition
A Sermon Preach'd at the Coronation of Queen Anne, in the Abby-Church of Westminster, April XXIII. MDCCII. by ... John Lord Archbishop of York. ... the Third Edition
Answers for John Wordie, Sometime Tenant in Dykes of Polmaise, Now in Cowmoors, Pursuer, to the Petition of William Watt Merchant in Airth, Defender
A Sermon Preach'd at the Royal Chappel at White-Hall; On Ash-Wednesday, Febr. 26, 1706/7. by Francis Higgins,
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen, at Windsor, on Sunday, August 4. 1706. by T. Manningham,
The Character of a Covetous Citizen, Or, a Ready Way to Get Riches. a Poem
A Sermon Preach'd in Exeter, Apr. 3. Upon the Occasion of the Death of the Late Reverend and Learned Mr. James Peirce, ... by Joseph Hallet Jun
Twenty Six Practical Sermons on Various Subjects. by ... Mr. Wheatland, ... All Which Were Prepared for the Press, and Intended to Be Published by Himself
Christina Reid's Plays: National Identity Problem in Northern Ireland
Stress, Associated Factors and Salivary Biomarker
Sign on the Dotted Line
Evidence-Based Practice Model for Youth with Externalizing Disorders
Defense Against Node Compromise in Sensor Network Security
Beyond Benchmarks
3D Face Registration
The Democratic Legitimacy of International Law
Promoting School Connectedness
Special Orthonormal Frames and Dirac Spinors in Kerr Geometry
Latent Variable Regression Analysis with Missing Covariates
Sustainability Analysis of an Integrated Coastal Management Model
Exact, Efficient and Computationally Feasible Inference
Value Chain Management
Architecture in the Balkans: From Diocletian to Suleyman the Magnificent, c. 300-1550
Models for Social Networks With Statistical Applications
Full Participation: A Comparative Study of Compulsory Voting
Prima Parte de Le Novelle del Bandello ... Volume 2 of 9, La
A Letter to the Committee of Twenty-Five Proprietors of India Stock
The Annals of University-College. Proving William of Durham the True Founder: And Answering All Their Arguments Who Ascribe It to King Alfred. by William Smith, ...
Tracts on the Nature of Animals and Vegetables. by Lazaro Spallanzani, ...
Trials for Adultery: Or, the History of Divorces. Being Select Trials at Doctors Commons, ... from the Year 1760, to the Present Time. ... Taken in Short-Hand, by a Civilian. Vol. I. Volume 1 of 7
Theological Lectures at Westminster-Abbey. with an Interpretation of the New Testament. ... by John Heylyn, ... Volume 2 of 2
The Copperjar System Workbook - Your Blueprint for Financial Fitness (Us Edition)
The Man on the Bench
You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens
My Own Tree: A Healing Experience
The Long Beach Caper
Best Pictures of Paris: Top Tourist Attractions Including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre-Coeur Basilica, ARC de Triomphe, the Pantheon, Orsay Museum, City Hall and More.
The Saviour's Heart. a Fragment. Written by the Late Henry Peckwell,
A Discourse of Confirmation: Preach'd at Coleshill, Apr. 21. 1705. at the Triennial Visitation of ... John, Lord Bishop of Coventry and Litchfield, by Z. Isham,
An Impartial State of the Late Difference Amongst the Protestant Dissenting Ministers at Salters-Hall. with Observations, Proposals, and Perswasives for Accommodation
A Visitation Sermon, in Defence of the Christian Faith, Against the Modern Socinians and Deists. by Thomas Harward,
A Sermon Preach'd at St. Paul's Covent-Garden, on the 5th of November, 1711. Being the Anniversary for the Happy Discovery of the Powder-Traitors; ... by the Honourable Robert Lumley Lloyd
Remarks Upon a Letter to a Dissenting Minister, Concerning the Expediency of the Stated Forms of Prayer for Public Worship. by a Dissenting Minister.
A Sermon Preached Before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in the Abby-Church, Westminster, on Friday, February 13, 1761. ... by Philip, Lord Bishop of Bristol.
Search Query Ambiguity
A Sermon Preach'd at Westminster, Nov. 12. 1702. in K. Henry the VII's Chapel, ... by W. Needham,
Causal Output Feedback
Regional Change in Kyrgyzstan
Curatorial Practices at the Rijksmuseum
The Occasional Preacher. Number III. of Going in the Way of Understanding, with Holy and Good Men
The Safety of a True Christian. Being the Substance of a Discourse Deliver'd in London, in the Year 1744. by John Cennick.
An Account of the Innovations Made by the Archbishop of Dublin; Both in Respect of His Entrance on the Archbishoprick, and in Regard of the Dean and Chapter of Christ-Church
A Sermon Preach'd on Friday Decemb. 16th 1720, Being the Day of Publick Fasting and Humiliation for the Averting God's Judgments, Particularly the Plague. by E. Davies,
A Sermon Preach'd at Dorchester During the Time of the Assizes, March the 18th 1705. by Conyers Place, M.a
The Occasional Preacher: Containing Nine Sermons on Several Subjects. with Other Occasional Discourses. by Samuel Wright, D.D
Virginia Broughton: The Life and Writings of a National Baptist Missionary
A Sermon Preached, at the Opening of the New Ebury-Chapel Near Sloane-Square, Chelsea, by the Rev. Richard Sandilands, ...
The Autism Matrix
Agricultural Risk and Insurance in India: Problems and Prospects
The Prejudices. a Comedy, in Five Acts. by B. Frere Cherensi,
Sermons by Thomas Bisset,
Pious Reflections for Every Day of the Month. Translated from the French of the Archbishop of Cambray
The Truly Catholick and Old Religion, Shewing That the Establish'd Church in Ireland, Is More Truly a Member of the Catholick, Than the Church of Rome. ... by Rowland Davies, ...
A Sermon, Preached Before the Oxford Loyal Volunteers, on Friday, July 27, 1798, at the Presentation of Their Colours by Lady Mackworth, ... by W. Finch,
A Sermon Preached Before the Judges, at the Assizes Held in Flint, April 13. 1762. by John Prescot, M.a
The Pretences for the Present Rebellion, Considered. in a Sermon Preach'd at St. Katherine Cree-Church and All-Hallows Barkin, on Octob. 16. 1715. by Charles Lambe, ... the Second Edition
Great Knowledge, No Excuse for Neglecting to Hear Sermons. a Sermon Preach'd at the Arch-Deacon's Visitation, at Ailesbury, October the 15th. 1708. ... by Josiah Hort,
Two Sermons, ... for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England. by Joseph Holden Pott,
Concio Ad Clerum Habita Cantabrigi in Eccles. S. Mari Die Vicesimo Octavo Jun. MDCCLXXIV. Pro Gradu Doctoratus in Sacra Theologia, a Gul. Gould, ...
The First Principles of Christianity. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in the North of Ireland, in the Year 1752. by John Cennick
A Sermon Preached at the Primary Visitation of the Right Reverend Beilby Lord Bishop of Chester, in the Cathedral Church, on Thursday, August 13, 1778. by Thomas Townson,
A Letter to the Proprietors of East India Stock, Upon the Question to Be Ballotted for on Tuesday the 23d Day of March, for Granting to Lord Clive Three Hundred Thousand Pounds.
The Tinklarian Dr. William Mitchel's Sixth Epistle, Written in the Sixty Third Year of His Age, 1733
Eugenio: Or, Virtuous and Happy Life. a Poem. Inscrib'd to Mr. Pope
A Letter to a Friend: Occasion'd by the Contest Between the Bishop of Exeter, and Mr. Hoadley.
A Brief Account of the People Called Quakers; Their Doctrines and Discipline; Taken from a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Lately Published at Edinburgh
Hammon Falls
A Caution to Young Persons Against Infidelity. a Sermon, Preached in the Unitarian Chapel, in Essex-Street, London; Sunday, April III, MDCCXCVI. by John Disney, ... the Second Edition.
Thoughts on the Importance of the Manners of the Great to General Society. ... Fourth Edition
Cure of Evil-Speaking. a Sermon on Matt. XVIII. 15, 16, 17.
Moral Songs for Children; Translated from the German
Dissertatio de S. Scripturarum Interpretatione Secundum Patrum Commentarios. ... Authore Daniele Whitby, ...
A New Collection of Fables in Verse. ... by John Tapner,
Fables for the Female Sex. by Edward Moore. a New Edition
The Astronomy of Comets. in Two Parts. Part I. Containing a Physical Account of the Solar System; ... Part II. Containing the Practical Methods of Calculation. ... by Blyth Hancock,
Trifles: By Vortigern Crancocc,
Trivial Complaints : The Role of Privacy in Domestic Violence Law and Activism in the U.S.
The Cure of Evil-Speaking. a Sermon on Mat. XVIII. 15, 16, 17.
The Blackbird's Song
Select Poems, Containing Religious Epistles, &c. Occasionally Written on Various Subjects. to Which Is Now Added, the History of Elijah and Elisha. by John Fry
Some Considerations Humbly Offered to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter. Occasioned by His Lordship's Sermon Preached Before Her Majesty, March 8. 1708. by Benjamin Hoadly,
The Field of Flowden, a Descriptive Poem
A Seasonable Hue and Cry After the Pretender. by Jack Catch, Esq;
Remarks on Several Passages in the Works of the Late Rev. John Wesley: ... Addressed to the People Called Methodists. by a Friend to That Religious Body.
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen at Windsor, July the 11th, 1708. Being the First Sunday After the Account of the Late Great Victory ... Near Audenarde, ... by Tho. Manningham, ...
The Collected Supernatural and Weird Fiction of Robert W. Chambers: Volume 1-Including One Novel 'The Slayer of Souls, ' One Novelette 'The Man at the
A Sermon Preach'd in Lambeth-Chapel, at the Consecration of ... Henry Lord Bishop of Hereford, and Richard Lord Bishop of St. David's. on Sunday, February 2, 1723. by Samuel Croxall
The History of Herodotus. Translated from the Greek. by Isaac Littlebury. ... the Second Edition. Volume 2 of 2
A Collection of Divine Songs, Designed Chiefly for the Religious Societies of Churchmen, in the Neighbourhood of Everton, Bedfordshire. by John Berridge, ...
Considerations Upon Christian Truths and Christian Duties Digested Into Meditations for Every Day in the Year. ... Volume 2 of 2
A Political Essay Upon Commerce. Written in French by Monsieur M*** Translated, with Some Annotations, and Remarks. by David Bindon, ...
The Works of the Late Aaron Hill, Esq; In Four Volumes. ... Volume 4 of 4
The History of England from the Accession of Iames I to the Elevation of the House of Hanover.... Edit. III. ... Volume 5 of 5
The Works of the Late Aaron Hill, Esq; In Four Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 4
Medical Tracts by the Late John Wall, ... Collected and Republished by Martin Wall, M.D.
Two Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge, in the Year 1758: The One Upon the 29th of May, ... the Other Upon the 22d of June, ... by Samuel Ogden, ...
A Sermon Preached at Dorchester in the County of Dorset, January the 30th 1701/2. by Conyers Place,
Sacred Hymns for the Use of Religious Societies. Generally Composed in Dialogues. by John Cennick, ... Part I
The Nature and Necessity of Religious Zeal Consider'd. a Sermon Preach'd at a Visitation of the Clergy Held at Kingston Upon Thames, August 15, 1721. by Joseph Clarke, ...
The Necessary and Unchangeable Difference of Moral Good and Evil. a Sermon Preached at the Assizes Held at Winchester ... on Wednesday, March 2, 1742-3. by Robert Eden, ...
A Sermon, Delivered on the Day of National Thanksgiving, February 19, 1795. by Thomas Barnard, D.D. Minister of the North Church in Salem
A Sermon Preached at St. Philip's Church, in Birmingham; On Wednesday March 8, 1797; The Day Appointed for a General Fast. by the Reverend Spencer Madan, M.A.
A Reply to a Letter to the Rev. Mr. Caleb Evans; Occasioned by His Two Sermons on the Deity of the Son and Holy Spirit
War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
Handbook of Implicit Social Cognition: Measurement, Theory, and Applications
Worship Space Acoustics
The Collected Supernatural and Weird Fiction of Robert W. Chambers: Volume 3-Including One Novel 'the Tracer of Lost Persons, ' Four Novelettes 'the M
God's Energetic Remedy Kit for Home and Travel
The Collected Supernatural and Weird Fiction of Robert W. Chambers: Volume 4-Including One Novel 'the Hidden Children, ' and Two Short Stories of the
The Collected Supernatural and Weird Fiction of Robert W. Chambers: Volume 2-Including Two Novels 'The Search of the Unknown' and 'The Green Mouse, '
The Renaissance Bible: Scholarship, Sacrifice, and Subjectivity
The Armenian; Or, the Ghost Seer. a History Founded on Fact. Translated from the German of F. Schiller, ... by the REV. W. Render. Volume 2 of 4
Sermons Preached Before the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-Inn. by John Langhorne, ... the Second Edition. Volume 2 of 2
The Armenian; Or, the Ghost Seer. a History Founded on Fact. Translated from the German of F. Schiller, ... by the REV. W. Render. Volume 3 of 4
The Armenian; Or, the Ghost Seer. a History Founded on Fact. Translated from the German of F. Schiller, ... by the REV. W. Render. Volume 1 of 4
The Radical Cause of National Calamity. a Sermon, Preached at the Scots Church, Crown-Court, Russel-Street, Covent-Garden, October 27, 1794, by the Rev. John Love,
Essays on the Being of a God, His Governing and Preserving Providence; And Also Some Farther Thoughts on the Necessity and Certainty of a Divine Revelation. by Hamon l'Estrange, Esq
The Battle of Newland, an Historical Ballad. in Four Parts
Approach Slab and Its Effect on Vehicle Induced Bridge Vibration
Distributed GIS: Federation and Performance Evaluations
Cancer, Arsenic, Mortality and Their Relationship
A Patchwork of Freedom: True Stories. Secret Quilt Code. Hope for Today.
A Pitcher's Moment: Carl Hubbell and the Quest for Baseball Immortality
Once Upon a Lullaby
Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Remembering the Running Fence
A Beautiful Mess: A Perfectionist's Journey Through Self-Care
Exploring Islam in a New Light
Can, Neu, Farwnad AR Farwolaeth Amryw O Frodyr a Chwiorydd, ... O Waith Mr. Rees Jones, ...
The Deserted Village, a Poem. by Dr Goldsmith
A Sermon Occasion'd by the General Mourning for the Death of the Prince, Preached Near Aldgate, Nov. 21, 1708. by W. Harris.
Curriculum Construction in the Indonesian Pesantren
The True Meaning of Rom. XIII. 7. Stated, in a Sermon, Preach'd in the City of Chester. by a Now Persecuted Clergyman
Tables Calculated with Great Exactness, to Find the Value of Any Quantity of Gold, from One Grain to Fifty Ounces, ... by Cater Rand,
The False Alarm; Or, the Americans Mistaken
The Use of Implicit Praise in the Classroom
A Dialogue Between an Antinomian and His Friend. by John Wesley, ... the Second Edition.
Performance Analysis of Channel Allocation Schemes in Wimax
Geometry Modeling for Patterned and Repetitive Configurations
Linear Perturbations of a Schwarzschild Black Hole
Usability, Concurrent Engineering and Mobile Phone Development
Neurons at the Gate
[Longworth's American Almanack, New-York Register, and City Directory, for the Twenty-Fourth Year of American Independence.]
Defence of Lord Pigot.
Essay on the Principles of Translation. the Second Edition, Corrected and Considerably Enlarged.
The History of the German Empire from Charlemagne, Down to the Present Emperor Charles VI. Being a Continuation of Mr. Echard's Roman History ... Volume 1 of 2
British Zoology. ... Volume 3 of 4
Miscellaneous Poems, Original and Translated, by Several Hands. Viz. Dean Swift, ... Mr. Concanen, and Others. Published by Mr. Concanen.
New-Market, a Satire
An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope. in Two Volumes. ... the Fourth Edition, Corrected. Volume 1 of 2
Principles of Equity. Corrected and Enlarged in a Second Edition.
Epistles for the Ladies. Volume 1 of 2
Positive Emotion and Multimedia Learning
The Impact of Organisational Culture on Service Delivery in G4s
The Radar Multiplier Method
Internet, Political Participation and New Digital Divide
Online Student Success and Completion Rates
Elementa Linguae Arabicae Ex Erpenii Rudimentis UT Plurimum Desumpta. Cujus Praxi Grammaticae Novam Legendi Praxin Addidit Leonardus Chappelow, ...
Ethic Amusements. by Mr. Bellamy. Revised by His Son D. Bellamy,
Travels Through Germany, in a Series of Letters; Written in German by the Baron Riesbeck, and Translated by the REV. Mr. Maty, ... Volume 2 of 3
Tully's Two Essays of Old Age, and of Friendship. with His Stoical Paradoxes, and Scipio's Dream. Render'd Into English by Samuel Parker, Gent
Mer Difinyddiaeth Iachus, Mewn Ffordd O Ymddiddan. a Gyfieithwyd Gynt O'r Saes'naeg, AC Ynawr Wedi Ei Ddiwygio O Aneirif O Feiau AC Oedd Yn Yr Argraphiad Cyntaf.
Poems: By Miss Carmichael
Holl Ddled-Swydd Dyn, Gwedi Ei Gosod AR Lawr ... Ynghyd a Dwywolder Neillduol AR Amryw Achosion. a Gyfiaithwyd Yn Gymro-Aeg Gan Jo. Langford, ...
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Rochester at a Confirmation at Westram. by George Lewis,
A Sermon Preached at the Visitation of the Reverend Dr. Thackeray, Archdeacon of Surry; On Tuesday, September 16, 1755. ... by T. Jones, ... the Third Edition.
To the Saints in Sion, a Song of Praise. Together with Some Short Hints, ... Written at Carlisle in Cumberland, about Fifty Years Ago, and Now Published by Consent of the Writer, T.S
A Sermon, Preached at the Visitation, Holden at Skipton, May 12, 1794. by Samuel Clapham,
A Sermon Preached in Greenwich Church, on Thursday, April 23rd, 1789; The Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving on Account of His Majesty's Happy Recovery; ... by the Rev. Andrew Burnaby,
The Beatitudes. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in Dublin, December the 21st, 1753. by John Cennick.
The Dramatick Works of John Dryden, Esq; In Six Volumes. Volume 5 of 6
The Works of Peter Pindar, Esqr. in Three Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 3
Memoirs of the Life of Sir Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, ... to Which Is Added, His History of Utopia, Translated Into English; ... by Ferdo Warner, L.L.D.
Reflections on the Rise and Fall of the Antient Republicks. Adapted to the Present State of Great Britain. by Edward Wortley Montagu, Junior, Esq; Second Edition, with Additions and Corrections.
The Works of Peter Pindar, Esqr. in Three Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 3
The Works of John Woolman. in Two Parts. the Third Edition
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Miscellaneous Poems: On Various Subjects, and Occasions. Revised and Corrected by the Late Mr. William Shenstone
Lexiphanes, a Dialogue. Imitated from Lucian, and Suited to the Present Times. Being an Attempt to Restore the English Tongue to Its Ancient Purity, ... the Second Edition, Corrected
Sermons on the Following Subjects, Viz. I. Friendship. ... VII. the Unsearchableness of God's Ways, ... by Mary Deverell
An Appeal to the Commons and Citizens of London. by Charles Lucas, the Last Free Citizen of Dublin
A Short System of Arithmetic and Book-Keeping. with a Supplement; Containing Answers to the Arithmetical Questions. by R. Hamilton,
Radical Eschatologies
Motives Behind Four Characters' Decision Makings
Strategy and Performance Among California's Largest School Districts
Socio-Economic Dynamics of Microcredit Program in Informal Settlements
Technical Things
Standard Tension Force
Quantitative Studies in T and B Cell Epitope Mimicry
Feed Supplements on Utilisation of Maize Leaf Strippings by Sheep
Tumour Suppressor Hic1 - Novel Inhibitor of Wnt Signalling
Perils of Drugs in West Africa
African American Spousal Caregivers
Gendered Political Participation in Civil Society Organizations
Pathwise Large Deviations of Stochastic Differential Equations
Wind Power Supply to Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
Collegial Preaching
Analysis of Analog Despreading Cdma Receiver Based on 5-Port Device
Management Competencies of the 21st Century Corporation
Mark Bradford
Some Observations on a Late Address to the Citizens of Dublin, with Thoughts on the Present Crisis. the Third Edition, Corrected by the Author
Why Europe?: The Medieval Origins of Its Special Path
The Supreme Court Review: 2009
Shou fi ma fi?: Intermediate Levantine Arabic
The Influence of Materialism on Consumption Indebtedness
High Technology Dance
Gender Differences and Writing
Environmental Equity in Silicon Valley
Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Lanthanide Bromide Systems
Electrodenitrification of Water Using the Enzyme Nitrate Reductase
From the Architecture of the Internet to the Spreading of an Epidemic
Shadow Lessons
Upside Down: Navigating a Personal Mortgage Crisis
Dog Breeds Pictures: Over 100 Breeds Including Chihuahua, Pug, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Maltese, Beagle, Rottweiler, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Doberman Pinscher, Terrier and Boxer.
Sweet Liberia: Lessons from the Coal Pot
The Undaunted Life: How to Succeed No Matter What
The Big Sneeze: The Story of Recycling Energy
Time for Still More Tea: America's True Enemies
Money for Sunsets
Earth Dragon Canon: Walking, Martial Arts, and Self Evolution
The Tryal of Mr. Charles Lucas, on Certain Articles of Impeachment, Exhibited Against Him, Before the Citizens of Dublin
A Dialogue Between a Blind-Man and Death. by Rich. Standfast, ... Also, the Great Assize: ... by John Bunyan, ...
A Letter from a Gentleman to Dr. Snape, in Answer to His Letter to the Bishop of Bangor
Trick Upon Trick, or the Vintner in the Suds. a Farce: As It Is Now Acted
St. James's Park: A Satyr.
A Catechism for the Use of the Deists. by a Clergyman of the Church of England
Theory of African Music: v.1
A Relation of a Very Extraordinary Sleeper, at Tinsbury, Near Bath. with a Dissertation on the Doctrine of Sensation, ... by William Oliver,
On Zizek's Dialectics
Huang Neijing: A Synopsis with Commentaries
OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2010
Bigger Thomas: A Rolling Stone
Physician Collaboration with Pharmacists on Drug Therapy Management
Contribution of Tourism to the Development of Local Community
Changing Livelihoods Induced by the Commercial Shrimp Farming
Tourism as a Socially Sustainable Tool for Rural Development
Quantitative Determination of Labeled Cell Concentration Using MRI
The Effectiveness of the Internet as a Marketing Tool in Tourism
Lars the Monkey Flies a Waco Airplane
Trifecta: Book One
Fight as Long as Possible: The Battle of Newport Barracks, North Carolina, February 2, 1864
The Little Girl Inside of Me
State of Reservations
The Storm Guardians
Picture Your Esp!: Reveal Your Hidden Powers with the NU ESP Test
A Sermon Preached Before the People Commonly Called Quakers, at the Borough New Market, on ... July 31st. 1796; ... by Mr. William Savery, of North America: Taken in Short-Hand by Job Sibly
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords, in the Abbey-Church of Westminster, on Monday, January 30, 1737/8. ... by Martin Lord Bishop of Glocester.
Trusting in God, Better Than Trusting in the Best of Men, or the Greatest of Princes. a Sermon Preach'd in the Cathedral at Norwich, March 22. 1701/2. ... by John Graile,
An Essay on Man, in His State of Policy; In a Series of Twelve Epistles. by Thomas Delamayne, Esq.
A Short History of Rome's Designs; Against the Protestant Interest in Britain. with a Vindication of Mr. William Vetch, ... by the Said Mr. William Vetch
The Religious Instruction of Children Recommended. by the Rev. James Stonhouse, ... the Third Edition
Poems Upon Various Subjects, by Henry Norris, Comedian
The Duty of Christian Mourning: Deliver'd in a Sermon, Preach'd at Holy-Cross, in Pershore, in the County of Worcester, on the Thirtieth of January, 1716-17. by Simon Beverton,
Heads of a Course of Lectures in Divinity
Athen Britannic . Clerus Britannus. Sive Pinax Onomastico-Characteristico-Historicus Omnium Propemod m, E Clero Anglicano. ... Editio Altera. Auctore Myles Davies, ...
Some Considerations Relating to the Payment of the Publick Debts, Humbly Offer'd to the Commons of Great-Britain in Parliament Assembled. by a Member of the House of Commons.
The Fingerprint Killer
A Poem on the Death of the Late Earl Stanhope. Humbly Inscrib'd to the Countess of Stanhope. by Mr. Pitt,
A Sermon Preached in Bewdley Chapel, ... on the 27th of September, 1792. by the Rev. G. Butt,
The Genius of France. a Poem
Fear God: Honour the King. a Discourse on Matt. XXII. 21. Preached in the Methodist Chapel, Bath, on Sunday, January 19th, 1794. by Henry Moore
Modulation of Oxidative Stress by Rooibos in Normo Individuals
Extreme Risk Management: Revolutionary Approaches to Evaluating and Measuring Risk
Electron Microprobe Analysis and Scanning Electron Microscopy in Geology
A Sermon Preached on the Sad Occasion of the Death of the Best of Kings, William the IIID. ... Who Died in His Own Palace at Kensington, March 8. 1701/2. by Tho. Goodwin.
The Beauties of Spring. a Sermon Preach'd at the Parish Church of St. Saviour, Southwark, in May 1756. by T. Jones,
Instructions Given by the Lord Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh to His Clergy, at His Visitations, Anno 1729. the Second Edition, Wherein Some Omissions Are Supply'd
The Case of Martyrdom Considered, in a Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abby-Church at Westminster. January 30th. 1701. by ... John Lord Bishop of Chichester.
An Introduction to the First Part of the Tincklars Testament. Dedicated to the Queens Most Excellent Majestie by William Mitchel Tine-Plate-Worker, in Edinburgh.
Land Cover Change Effects on Watershed Hydrology
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords, in the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster, on Monday, January 31, 1774, ... by ... William Lord Bishop of Chester
Analyse Statique Du Comportement Des Structures a Parois Minces
An Integrated Approach on Watershed Assessment
Diffusion Brillouin Stimulee Dans Les Fibres Optiques Monomodes, La
Machine Vision in Mineral Concentration
Under Attack: Challenges to the Rules Governing the International Use of Force
The Memoirs and Secret Negotiations of John Ker, of Kersland, Esq; Part IIID and Last. ... Published by His Express Direction. Volume 3 of 3
The Complete Angler. Part II. Being Instructions How to Angle for a Trout or Grayling in a Clear Stream
Melbourne. a Novel. in Three Volumes. by the Author of Deloraine. Volume 2 of 3
The Polite Amusement, or Young Gentleman and Ladies Companion; Containing a Number of Entertaning Dialogues, Fables, &c. Illustrated ... by W. Bews
Conspiracy Theories in the Arab World: Sources and Politics
Meditations on Death, Hell, and Heaven. Useful for All Persons, in All Conditions. by a Lover of Truth and Godliness
Relazione Degli Ultimi Giorni Di Gio. Giacomo Rousseau E Circostanze Della Sua Morte del Signor Le Begue de Presle ...
Arguments and Proofs from the Holy Word of God, of the Excellence and an Inquity of the Liturgy of the Church of England, by Law Established. ... by T.R. Filewood, M.A.
The Amorous Merchant: Or, Intriguing Husband. Being a Curious and Uncommon Process of Love and Law. ... Written by Mrs. Graham, Now Barry, in the Manner of Constantia Phillips
Serving Country and Community: Who Benefits from National Service?
Metropolitan Museum Studies in Art, Science, and Technology, Volume 1, 2010
Plutarch's Lives, in Six Volumes. Translated from the Greek. to Which Is Prefixed the Life of Plutarch, Written by Mr. Dryden. Volume 2 of 6
The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer. Translated from the Greek, by Alexander Pope, Esq. in Two Volumes. Volume 2 of 2
A Code of Gentoo Laws, Or, Ordinations of the Pundits. from a Persian Translation, Made from the Original, Written in the Shanscrit Language.
The Expedition of Humphry Clinker. by Tobias Smollet, M.D. with Ten Plates, by T. Rowlandson. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
Julia: Or, the New Eloisa. a Series of Original Letters, Collected and Published by J. J. Rousseau. Translated from the French. in Three Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 3
Forward Error Correction (Fec) Coding in Video Network Transmission
Plutarch's Lives, in Six Volumes. Translated from the Greek. to Which Is Prefixed the Life of Plutarch, Written by Mr. Dryden. Volume 1 of 6
Concentration and Temperature Profiles Within a Monolith Catalyst
Understanding the Data Analysis Process Using a Collaborative Model
Population Under Harsh Time
Biofertilizer Application Technology in Tomato
User Interface Design
Payout Concept for Pension Systems in Baltic Countries
Effects of Zinc Addition
Secure and Reliable Deep Space Networks
Corroded Flexural Rc Members with Patching Repair
The Kirwanade: Or Poetical Epistle. Humbly Addressed to the Modern Apostle! ...
Before the Most Noble and Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of Appeals in Prize Causes. St. Eustatius and Its Dependencies. ... Case on Behalf of Elias Lindo, the Respondent.
Anningait and Ajutt; A Greenland Tale. Inscribed to Mr. Samuel Johnson, A.M. Taken from the Ivth Volume of His Ramblers, Versified by a Lady
The Poolish Diet: A Poem
A Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Green, Curate of St. Saviour's, Southwark; And Lecturer of St. John's, Wapping. Occasioned by the Publication of His Eight Sermons.
Judas Macchab us. a Sacred Drama. as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. the Musick Compos'd by Mr. Handel
A Poem Humbly Inscrib'd to the Gentlemen of the Oxfordshire Society: ...
The Jumble: A Satire. Addressed to the Revd. Mr. C. Ch-Rch-LL
Importing Democracy: Ideas from Around the World to Reform and Revitalize American Politics and Government
Chinese Strategic Thought toward Asia
Idealism and Existentialism: Hegel and Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Philosophy
Scientific Characters
The Patterns of Mercy. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Ballinderry in the County of Antrim, in the Year 1754. by John Cennick.
A Sermon Preached Before the Queen, at St. James's Chapel, on November the 5th. 1705. by George Smalridge, ...
de Descensu Gravium. de Motu Pendulorum in Cycloide. Et de Motu Projectilium. Auctore Rogero Cotes.
Scriptural Christianity. a Sermon Preached August 24, 1744. at St. Mary's Church in Oxford, Before the University. by John Wesley,
A Genuine Account of the Behaviour and Dying Words of William Dodd, LLD. Who Was Executed at Tyburn for Forgery, on Friday the 27th of June, 1777. by the Reverend John Villette, ... Second Edition
David Fincher: Films That Scar
Statistical Physics of Biomolecules: An Introduction
The Sinner Enslav'd by False Pretences. a Sermon Preach'd Before the University of Oxford, at St Mary's March. 30th 1718. by Thomas Newlin,
Two Treatises: I. a Confutation of the Hopes of the Jews Concerning the Last Redemption. II. an Answer to Mr. Whiston's Late Treatise on the Revelations. ... by Peter Allix, D.D
Translations and Poems Written on Several Subjects
The Peerage of England: Or, an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Present Nobility. ... the Third Edition, Corrected, and Very Much Enlarg'd .. Volume 2 of 2
A Description of Bandages and Dressings, According to the Most Commodious Ways Now Us'd in France. Written in French by M. Le Clerc, ... Translated Into English, with Forty-Eight Copper Plates
Melbourne. a Novel. in Three Volumes. by the Author of Deloraine. Volume 3 of 3
Travels Through Germany, in a Series of Letters; Written in German by the Baron Riesbeck, and Translated by the REV. Mr. Maty, ... Volume 1 of 3
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies. Revised, Augmented, and Published, in Ten Volumes, by the ABBE Raynal. Volume 1 of 8
The Real Christian, Or, a Treatise of Effectual Calling. ... to Which Is Added, ... a Few Words Concerning Socinianism, ... by Giles Firmin, ...
The Holy War: Made by Shaddai Upon Diabolus, ... by Mr. John Bunyan, ... an Entire New and Complete Edition, Illustrated with Notes, .. by an Able Friend to the Gospel.
Psalmody, Translated from the High German: To Which Is Added, a Supplement, with Their Proper Tunes, and Thorough Bass. the Third Edition.
The Wisdom of Integrity. a Sermon Preach'd at St. Saviour's Southwark, for the Reverend Dr. Henry Sacheverell, on Sunday, May 6. 1711. by Pawlet St. John,
The Hidden Treasure. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Philbatch on the Milford-Haven in South Wales. in the Year 1753. by John Cennick.
The Vision of Dry Bones. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in Dublin, in the Year 1754. by John Cennick
The Assurance of Faith; Or, the Experience of a True Christian. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Glenevy in the County of Antrim in Ireland, in the Year 1754. by John Cennick.
The Nature, Obligation, and Measures of Conscience, Deliver'd in a Sermon Preach'd at Leicester, at the Assizes Held There, July 25th, 1706. by Henry Sacheverell,
Remarks, &c
The Power of Faith: Considered in a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St. Ann, Black-Friars, on Sunday, March 19, 1780; ... by William Bromley Cadogan,
Afro-Latin Percussion Fundamentals: Congas
Remarks on Dr. Warren's Answer to a Book, Entitled, a Plain Account of the Nature and End of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. by Philalethes Suffolciensis
Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan
Life in the French Quarter
Troubleshooting the Mind: Understanding the Basic Principles of the Kelee, the Student Guide
Freezer Burn
Being Jacob: A Day at the Zoo
Gerard Audran's the Proportions of the Human Body
Book of Faery Magic
A Sermon, Preached in the Church of St. Anne's, Dublin, on Wednesday the 10th of February, 1779; Being the Day Appointed by Authority for a General Fast and Humiliation. by Thomas Leland, D.D.
The Occasional Preacher. Number IX. the Sin and Danger of Suspense about Religion, and the Worship of God. a Sermon Preached at a Tuesday Lecture
A Sermon Preach'd at St. Mary's in Oxford, Before the University, on Tuesday, March 8. 1708/9. Being the Anniversary of Her Majesty's Inauguration. by Tho. Rennell,
The Fruits and Effects of God's Love, Being the Substance of a Sermon Preached at the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Tunbridge-Wells, October 21, 1787. by S. Barnard, ... the Second Edition
A Sermon, Preached in the Chapel of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, at Greenwich, on Friday, February 28, 1794, Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast. by the Rev. J. Maule,
The Existence of Human Soul After Death: Proved from Scripture, Reason and Philosopy. ... by Benj. Hampton, ...
Liberty. a Poem. Humbly Inscrib'd to the Right Hon. the Earl of Darlington, by Cuthbert Shaw,
The Danger of the Church Enquir'd Into
An Ode, in Two Parts, Humbly Inscrib'd to the Right Honourable William Pitt
Free Thoughts on the Times
A Letter to William Pulteney, Esq, Concerning the Administration of Affairs in Great Britain for Several Years Passed, ... with Observations on Our Polemical Writers
Art for All: British Posters for Transport
Il Trionfo d'Amore, Pastorale in Un' Atto. Da Rappresentarsi Sopra Il Teatro Di S.M.B. ... the Translation by Bottarelli, Jun,
PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner's Guide
Musical Festival. the Oratorio of Samson, as Performed in the Broad Isle of the Cathedral of Chester, Friday, September 9, 1791
Milton's Paradise Lost Illustrated with Texts of Scripture, by John Gillies, ... the Second Edition, with Additions
General Rules for the Pronunciation of the English Language: With Complete Lists of the Exceptions. by the Rev. R. Nares, A.M
A Large Collection of Ancient Jewish and Heathen Testimonies to the Truth of the Christian Religion, with Notes and Observations. ... by Nathaniel Lardner. D.D. Volume 2 of 4
Some Familiar Letters Between Mr. Locke, and Several of His Friends. the Third Edition
A Summary, Historical and Political, of the First Planting, Progressive Improvements, and Present State of the British Settlements in North-America. ... by William Douglass, ... Volume 2 of 2
An Inquiry Into the Human Mind, on the Principles of Common Sense. by Thomas Reid, ... the Second Edition Corrected.
Chuiraquimba and Black Robes
Vignettes of Virtue
Lolli's Apple: New Edition
A Journey from the Chain Bridge to the Golden Gate
A Guest Giving Way Like Ice Melting
The Absolute Supervisor
Idiom Attack Vol. 1: Everyday Living - Japanese Edition: English Idioms for ESL Learners: With 300+ Idioms in 25 Themed Chapters w/ free MP3 at IdiomAttack.com
Becoming Vicegerent
Larry's Rock
The Black Mask
More Than Science and Sputnik
The Silence of the Stones
The Way - Seven Simple Steps to Eliminate Stress and Live Your Life to the Fullest
Virtuous Not Perfect: Profiles of 15 Wise Women
Once Dead, Long Dead
Sketch of a Descriptive Journey Through Switzerland
Views Taken on and Near the River Rhine, at AIX La Chapelle, ... Engraved in Aqua Tinta by the Revnd. J. Gardnor, and Richard Gardnor, Junr
The School: Being a Series of Letters, Between a Young Lady and Her Mother. Volume 1 of 3
The Man of Experience; Or, the Adventures of Honorius. in Two Volumes, ... by Mr. Thistlethwaite. Volume 1 of 2
Botanical Dialogues, Between Hortensia and Her Four Children, Charles, Harriet, Juliette and Henry. Designed for the Use of Schools, by a Lady
The Sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Written Originally in Portuguese by F. Thomas of Jesus, ... and Newly Translated Into English. in Three Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 3
Mystery at Silver Key Stables
The School: Being a Series of Letters, Between a Young Lady and Her Mother. Volume 2 of 3
Ben. Johnson's Plays, in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
A View of the Covenant of Grace from the Sacred Records: ... to Which Is Subjoin'd, a Memorial ... by ... Thomas Boston, ...
Nouveau Siecle, Ou La France Encore Monarchie, Le: Ouvrage Dans Lequel on Reduit a Leur Juste Valeur Les Plaintes Elevees Contre L'Ancien Regime de France, ... Par Un Magistrat Francais ...
Experiments Upon the Human Bile: And Reflections on the Biliary Secretion. with an Introductory Essay. by James Maclurg,
The History of the House and Race of Douglas and Angus. Written by Mr. David Hume of Godscroft. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Elements of Astronomy, Deduced from Observations; And Demonstrated Upon the Mathematical Principles of the Newtonian Philosophy: ... the Whole Translated from the French of M. de La Caille
Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. by Hugh Blair, ... in Three Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 3
A Description of All the Seats of the Present Wars of Europe, ... the Third Edition, with the Addition of Two New Maps, ...
Memoires Pour Servir A L'Histoire Et A L'Etablissement Du Magnetisme Animal.
Select Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. Miscellanies, on Various Subjects. Satires and Epistles of Horace Imitated. the Dunciad, ...
Does Every Child Matter?: Understanding New Labour's Social Reforms
Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry: Avoiding the Performance Trap
A Performer's Guide to Bartok's Ten Easy Pieces and Allegro Barbaro
E-Learning Can Improve Learning
Wireless Mac for Real Time Applications
Functional Differential Equations
Turkish Defense Industry and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries
Local Development
Information Management Systems
Persistent Viral Infections and the Innate Immune Response
The Student Movements in Bangladesh
Tracing Discourse in Prefaces
Transformation of Rup Models According to Architectural Patterns
Cuba and the United States
An Assessment of Severity of Pain in the Emergency Department
Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Starting a Childrens Museum
The Internet: An Introduction to New Media
Richard Norman Shaw
Seasonable Words: The Sum of a Sermon Preached on the Late Publick Fast, January the 14th, 1707/8. by Daniel Burgess
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 7 of 12
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 11 of 12
Travels in the Two Sicilies, by Henry Swinburne, Esq. in the Years 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 2 of 12
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 9 of 12
The Free-Holder. or Political Essays. by the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 10 of 12
The Poetical Works of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq
Cas Gan Gythraul Neu Annogaeth I Bawb Ochelyd Myned I Ymghynghori a Dewiniaid, Brudwyr, a Chonsyrwyr. ...
Additions and Corrections Made in the Second Edition of Mary Queen of Scots Vindicated. by John Whitaker,
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 1 of 12
Count Di Novini; Or the Confederate Carthusians. a Neapolitan Tale. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 8 of 12
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 4 of 12
The Sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Written Originally in Portuguese by F. Thomas of Jesus, ... and Newly Translated Into English. in Three Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 3
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition, in Twelve Volumes. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. ... Volume 6 of 12
Cydymmaith I'r Allor, Yn Dangos Natur AC Angenrheidrwydd O Ymbarattoi I'r Sacrament ... at Yr Hyn Chwanegwyd Gweddiau a Myfyrdodau, ... Gwedi Ei Gyfieithur I'r Gymraeg, Gan L. E,
Officium Eucharisticum. a Preparatory Service to a Devout and Worthy Reception of the Lord's Supper. the Twenty Seventh Edition. to Which Is Added
Cities, Texts and Social Networks, 400-1500: Experiences and Perceptions of Medieval Urban Space
Migrating Genders: Westernisation, Migration, and Samoan Fa'afafine
Surveillance and Democracy
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Rt Honble the Lords ... in the Collegiate Church of Westminster, on Saturday, the Thirtieth Day of January, MDCCII. ... by William Lord Bishop of Carlile
Sinners Saved by Jesus Christ, as Preached in Holy Scripture: ... a Sermon Preached at the Arch-Deacon's Visitation, Held at St. Martin's, in Oxford. on Saturday, October 9, 1756. by Edward Lewis,
The Mutual Duties of Magistrates and People. a Sermon Preach'd in the Church of St. Mary Redcliff, in the City of Bristol, on the 29th Day of May, 1721. Before the Magistrates ... by John Gibb,
The Rod Retorted; Or, the Corrector Corrected. Containing Some Remarks Upon a Pamphlet, Intitled, a Rod of Correction, &c. by MR Adam Gib. by John Rob
The Dissenters Reasons for Not Writing in the Behalf of Persecution. Design'd for the Satisfaction of Dr. Snape, in a Letter to Him. by James Peirce.
The Unworthy Communicant's Plea Answer'd, and the Home-Baptist Refuted; In a Sermon Preached at St. Matthew's Bethnal-Green, August 11, 1751. by Samuel Eccles, M.a
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Sons of the Clergy, at Their Anniversary Meeting in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, December 5, 1717. by William Lupton,
Machiavelli's Liberal Republican Legacy
Theories of Computability
The 10 Ways: A Guide to the 21st Century Relationship
Sweet Cane: The Architecture of the Sugar Works of East Florida
A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners
Atlantian Records Starfall: The Fall of the Second Atlantian Empire
Nineteen Poems Around a Divorce and Beyond
An ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Open Fields and Commonable Places of and in Billesdon, in the County of Leicester.
Great Britain's Rules of Health: Or, the British Physician. Volume 3 of 3
A Rhapsody on Virtue and Pleasure. to the Right Honourable James Reynolds Esq; ...
The Speech of Henry Sacheverell, D.D. Upon His Impeachment at the Bar of the House of Lords in Westminster-Hall, March the 7th, 1709-10. Publish'd from a Correct Manuscript
A Brief Account of the Late Samuel Fothergill, an Eminent Minister of the Gospel, and One of the People Called Quakers. ... Taken from the Monthly Ledger. the Second Edition
Every Man in His Own Way. an Epistle to a Friend. by Stephen Duck
Miscellanies, by Henry Fielding Esq; In Three Volumes. Volume 3 of 3
Before the Most Noble and Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of Appeals in Prize Causes. St. Eustatius, and Its Dependencies. ... Case on Behalf of the Captors as to Claims No. 34, and 49.
Institutes of Physics. by John Anderson, ... the Fourth Edition
Fossils Arranged According to Their Obvious Characters; With Their History and Description; ... by J. Hill,
Select Lives by Plutarch: Viz. Pericles, Pelopidas, Aristides, Philopoemen, Lysander, Cimon, Nicias, Agesilaus, Alexander the Great.
The Chemical Essays of Charles-William Scheele. Translated from the Transactions of the Academy of Sciences at Stockholm. with Additions.
Twenty Sermons on the Following Subjects: Most of Them Preached in the Cathedral of York. ... by the Late Reverend Valentine Nalson,
Exchange Traded Funds
Oberon, a Poem, from the German of Wieland. by William Sotheby, Esq
An Abstract from the Works of John Hutchinson, Esq; Being a Summary of His Discoveries in Philosophy and Divinity. the Second Edition, Corrected
A Compendious Library of the Law: Necessary for Persons of All Degress and Professions. in Two Parts. ... the Second Edition with Large Additions
The Practice of Piety, Directing a Christian How to Walk, That He May Please God. Amplified by the Author
Polyaenus's Stratagems of War; Translated from the Original Greek, by Dr. Shepherd, F.R.S. the Second Edition.
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. by William Paley, ... the Tenth Edition, Corrected ... Volume 1 of 2
Black Power at Work: Community Control, Affirmative Action, and the Construction Industry
Observations in Physick, Both Rational and Practical. with a Treatise of the Small-Pox. by Tho. Apperley,
Anecdotes Sur Me. La Comtesse Dubarri. Nouvelle idition, Revue Et Corrigie, Ornie Du Portrait de l'Hiroine.
The Husbandman's Spiritual Companion. Being the Substance of Several Sermons, Preached in the Parish-Church of Wath, Near Ripon in Yorkshire. by John Hildrop,
Harmony of Scripture Prophecies, and History of Their Fulfilment. by John Brown, ...
The Works, in Verse and Prose, of Dr. Thomas Parnell, ... Enlarged with Variations and Poems, Not Before Publish'd
Observations on Mr. Belsham's Memoirs of the Reign of George the Third...
Memoirs of Queen Anne: Being a Compleat Supplement to the History of Her Reign, Wherein the Transactions of the Four Last Years Are Fully Related.
Male Autobiographical Narratives and Gender Imperatives in Nigeria
The Sacred Miscellany: Or, Poems on Divine Subjects. Designed for the Benefit and Instruction of Mean Capacities, ... with Suitable Prayers. by Daniel Hallows,
Selection Automatique D'Espaces Couleur Pour La Segmentation D'Images
Mecanisme Optimal de Recherche de Cible Des Proteines Sur L'Adn
A Letter Concerning the Late Act of Parliament Relating to Ecclesiastical Small Dues
Honesty in Distress; But Reliev'd by No Party. a Tragedy, as It Is Acted on the Stage, &c.
A Letter from Arthur's to the Cocoa-Tree, in Answer to the Letter from Thence to the Country-Gentlemen
A Catalogue of the Several Pictures, Statues, and Busto's, in the Picture Gallery, Bodleian Library, and Ashmolean Museum, at Oxford. a New Edition, with Additions
W----s's Feast, Or, Dryden Travesti; A Mock Pindarick: Addressed to His Most Incorruptible Highness Prince Patriotism
The Winter Assembly, or Provincial Ball; A Poem, Inscribed to the Ladies of the West
A Word to the Wise: In a Letter to a City-Clergyman: Recommended to the Consideration of His Brethren of the Clergy, Especially Those of the Younger Sort
Conjectures Concerning the Nature of Future Happiness. Translated from the French of Mons. Bonnet of Geneva
Removal of Mercury from Aqueous Solutions by Carbon Aerogel Electrodes
On Philosophy and Science
Sermons by the Late Rev. George Lyon, ... to Which Is Prefixed, a Short Account of the Author
An Appeal to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity. on the Following Subjects, ... by a Lover of the Gospel. the Third Edition, with Improvements
A Conversation Between Richard Hill, Esq; The Rev. Mr. Madan, and the Superior of a Convent of English Benedictine Monks at Paris, Held at the Said Convent, July 13, 1771; ...
A Sermon, Preached in the Parish Church of Sunderland, for the Benefit of the Charity School, December 16th, 1792. by the Rev. Samuel Clapham,
The True Protestant Zeal for a Divided Unthinking Nation. a Sermon Preach'd on November the 5th, 1715. ... by a Shropshire Clergyman. ... the Second Edition.
Instructions to the Clergy of the Diocese of Tuam. by Josiah Hort, ... at His Primary Visitation Held There on Wednesday, July 8, MDCCXLII. a New Edition
A Sermon Preach'd at the Cathedral-Church of Norwich, on Thursday, Jan. 30th. 1723. ... by Samuel Shuckford,
Remarks on Two Late Sermons, Preach'd in the Cathedral-Church of Salisbury: In a Letter to a Friend.
Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Private Organizations Perspective
Ideal Images of Womanhood and Adolescent Girls
Doing Co-Op
Behavioural Technical Analysis: An introduction to behavioural finance and its role in technical analysis
Cengage Advantage Books: Biology: A Human Emphasis
The Character of a True Churchman. in a Letter from a Gentleman in the City, to His Friend in the Country
The Lay-Man's Reasons for His Joining in Stated Communion with a Congregation of Moderate Dissenters
Cultivating Starvation
Before the Most Noble and Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of Appeals in Prize Causes. Helvetia. Jacob Janz Rowaan, Master. ... Appendix to the Captors' and Respondents' Case.
The Genius of Ireland. a New-Year's Gift to Lord Clare: In Return to His Lordship's to the Queen
The Budget. Inscribed to the Man, Who Thinks Himself Minister. the Second Edition
The Modern Whig Dictator: Or, the Exultation: A Satyr
Lines Written at Twickenham. by D. O'Bryen
The Characters of the Age; Or the Modern Englishman. a Satire
Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro
War with France, the Only Security of Britain, at the Present Momentous Crisis: Set Forth in an Earnest Address to His Fellow-Subjects, by an Old Englishman
Cambridge Studies in the Theory of Democracy: Series Number 9: Democracy and the Limits of Self-Government
Second Report Respecting Bread, Corn, &c. &c. Dated 6th March 1800
Miscellanies of the Late Ingenious and Celebrated M. Abauzit, on Historical, Theological, and Critical Subjects. Translated from the French, by E. Harwood, D.D
An Enquiry Into the Duties of the Female Sex. by Thomas Gisborne, M.a
Five Plays, Written by Mr. Congreve. Viz. the Old Batchelor, the Double-Dealer, the Way of the World, Love for Love, ... the Mourning-Bride,
Medical Memoirs of the General Dispensary in London, for Part of the Years 1773 and 1774. by John Coakley Lettsom, M.D.
The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come. ... Complete in Three Parts. ... by John Bunyan. to Which Is Prefixed, the Life of the Author.
The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended. to Which Is Prefix'd, a Short Chronicle from the First Memory of Things in Europe, to the Conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great. by Sir Isaac Newton
A Foucauldian Analysis of Power in Nursing Education
A History of the Voyages and Travels of Capt. Nathaniel Uring. with New Draughts of the Bay of Honduras and the Caribee Islands; ... the Second Edition
The Risk of Recycling Waste
Geotechnical Evaluation of Questa Mine Material, New Mexico, USA
Howl! Lead - Level - Leverage Any Pack
The Silk Train: Riding the Rails Along the Ancient Silk Road
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
Hacking College
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. by Edward Gibbon, Esq. ... Volume 1 of 6
Letters Written by His Excellency Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the Year 1675. to Which Is Prefixed an Historical Account of His Life,
Looking Unt[o] Jesu[s.] a View of the Everlasting Gospel; Or, the Soul's Eying of Jesus, as Carrying on the Great Work of Man's Salvation, from First to Last. by Isaac Ambrose, ...
Hogarth Illustrated. by John Ireland. the Second Edition, Corrected. Volume 2 of 3
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. by Edward Gibbon, Esq. ... Volume 5 of 6
The Oriental Miscellany: Or, Authentic Repository of All Public Events That Have Happened Since the Sailing of the East-India Fleet in June 1781, to January 1782
A View of the Covenant of Grace from the Sacred Records. ... to Which Is Subjoined, a Memorial Concerning Personal and Family Fasting ... by ... Thomas Boston,
African American Preachers and Politics: The Careys of Chicago
Select Views in Leicestershire, from Original Drawings: Containing Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, Town Views and Ruins, Accompanied with Descriptive and Historical Relations by J. Throsby
Southern District Officer Reports - Islands and Villages in Rural Hong Kong, 1910-60
Women's Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation Program
Islamic Financing: Shift from Debt to Equity
Working Portuguese for Beginners: , Student's Edition
Presence: A Bagua Path to Fulfillment
O, Wind Thru Open Window
Jah Jah on the Telephone (Jp)
The Catcher and the Wry
Fertility Goddess Sovata
The Murder Professor
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Honourable House of Commons, at the Church of St. Margaret Westminster, on Wednesday, Jan. 16. 1711/12. ... by Roger Altham, ... the Second Edition
The Signs of the Times. a Sermon Preached Before the ... Lord-Mayor, ... at the Cathedral of St. Paul, on Friday the 8th of December, 1721. ... by Edmund Massey, the Third Edition.
A Letter to the Reverend Dr. Henry Sacheverell. on Occasion of His Sermon, and Late Sentence Pass'd on Him by the Honourable House of Lords. by a Cambridge-Gentleman
The Interests of the Protestant Dissenters Considered. the Second Edition
Population-Environment Nexus in Ghana
Giving Light and Hope in Rural Afghanistan
Rape Warfare in the Bosnian War
Sodium Amide - Sodium Tetrahydridoborate System
No Wave in Popular Music
A Sermon Preached at the Meeting-House in Carter-Lane, on Thursday, November 29, 1798; Being the Day Appointed for a National Thanksgiving. by Thomas Tayler.
Unity Among Christian Ministers and People. Recommended in a Letter to Mr. John Gill: To Which Is Annexed a Brief Exhortation to National Gratitude, ...
Old Interest: A Farce, of Three and Forty Acts. as It Is Perform'd with Great Disaffection at the Th----E in O--F--D, by None of His Majesty King George's Servants,
Technology in a Multicultural and Global Society
The Orthodox Dissenting-Minister's Reasons, for a Farther Application to Parliament, for Relief in the Matter of Subscription to the Articles of the Church of England. ... the Second Edition
Reasons Why Vice Ought to Be Punish'd, But Is Not: In a Sermon Preach'd at Maidston in Kent, at the Assizes Holden There Before Mr. Justice Tracy, March the 17th. 1707/8. ... by John Johnson, ...
Considerations Preliminary to the Commencement of a War; With Remarks Upon a Late Melancholy Event. by the Author of the Crisis Stated.
A Vindication of the Thanksgiving-Sermon of the Reverend Dr. Willis, ... from the Reflections of a Late Pamphlet; Entitled a Review of the Case of Ephraim and Judah; ... by Joseph Williamson,
Poems, by a Lady
Kierkegaard and Theology
A Scholar's Path: An Anthology Of Classical Chinese Poems And Prose Of Chen Qing Shan - A Pioneer Writer Of Malayan-singapore Literature
A Sermon Preach'd Before the King at White-Hall, December the 22d. 1678. by Thomas Sprat,
Classics and National Cultures
Therapy With Young Men: 16-24 Year Olds in Treatment
Nate Poecrasto (Jp)
Global Origins and Development of Seafaring
Hymns to the Silence: Inside the Words and Music of Van Morrison
Developing Personal Leadership: Maximizing Your Success
How to Get a Fair Trial by Jury
Poems That Inspire You to Think and Grow Rich
Dupe 'em and Dope 'em
Words from Within
The Evil and Danger of Lukewarmness in Religion. Being the First Part of the Bishop of London's Late Pastoral Letter: With Further Improvements. the Second Edition
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Antient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons, at the Parish-Church of St. John in the City of Gloucester, on Friday the 27th of December. by a Brother
Remarks on a Letter from a Cambridge Gentleman to the Reverend Dr. Sacheverell, Occasion'd by His Sermons and Sentence Against Him
Comments on the Ten Commandments. the Second Edition
Dives and Lazarus. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in Dublin, in the Year 1753. by John Cennick.
An Elegy on the Late Learned and Reverend Mr. Ralph Erskine: Minister of the Gospel to the Associate Congregation in Dunfermline: Who Died November 6th 1752
A Warrior Remembers: The Viet Cong Hunt Club
The Tiny Pink House
Two Harrises and One Day Go Camping
Flossie's Escape to Freedom
Christianity and Alcohol(Wine): Is It A Sin To Drink Alcohol (Wine) As A Christian?
Forest Adventures: Book # 1 - Digger the Gopher and Hoppity the Frog
The Adventures of Morgan Morgan the Rhymester
The Method and Rule of Proceeding Upon All Elections, Polls and Scrutinies, at Common Halls, and Wardmotes Within the City of London
Elements of Geometry, Translated from the French of J. J. Rossignol,
Marweiddiad Pechod Mewn Credinwyr: ... Gan ...
Essays Upon the Following Subjects. Viz.1. of Generosity. ... 20. of Persons Running in Debt, ... by Whitelock Bulstrode, Esq
Metaphysical Maxims: Or, Thoughts on the Nature of the Soul, Free Will, and the Divine Prescience. by James Meikle,
Queer Japanese: Gender and Sexual Identities through Linguistic Practices
A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. a New Edition
Letters to a Young Clergyman, from the Late Reverend Mr. Job Orton
The Practical Improvement of Christmas-Day. a Sermon Preach'd at the Reverend Mr. Shower's, in the Old-Jewry, December the 25th, 1706. by Benjamin Robinson,
The Duties of Man, a Sermon Preached on Occasion of the Public Fast, April 19, 1793. by W. Gilbank,
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, ... on Sunday, the Twenty-Ninth of May, 1796, ... by the Revd. Thomas Roberts, ...
Nature and Grace: Set Forth in a Discourse Upon These Words, If Any Man Be in Christ, He Is a New Creature, 2 Cor. V. Ver. 17
A Letter from a Minister of the Church of England, to a Dissenting Parishioner of the Presbyterian Perswasion. by Edward Wells D.D. Late Student of Christ Church.
A Sermon Preach'd in the Cathedral of Gloucester, on Sunday, July the 18th, 1714. ... by Robert Bull,
Jewel of the Mind
The Gift and Office of the Holy Ghost. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in Little Sommerford in Wiltshire, in the Year 1740. by John Cennick.
Mercy's Embrace: Elizabeth Elliot's Story - The Lady Must Decide
Jah Jah on the Telephone
Mozart, the Wonder Boy
A Pair of Lyric Epistles to Lord Macartney and His Ship. by Peter Pindar, Esq. a New Edition
The Watch, an Ode, Humbly Inscribed to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of M-F-D. to Which Is Added, the Genius of America to General Carleton, an Ode
Raising Children for Success
The Battel: Or, Morning-Interview. an Heroi-Comical Poem
On Adultery. a Sermon Preached at Rye, in Sussex, by the Reverend Lord Preston.
A Sermon, Preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia; Before the ... Masons. on Tuesday the 24th of June, 1755, ... by William Smith,
Letter of the Right Reverend John Francis de la Marche, Bishop of Leon, Addressed to the French Clergymen Refugees in England. Translated Into English from the Original French
A Caution Against False Prophets. a Sermon Matt. [sic] VII. 15-20. Particularly Recommended to the People Called Methodists.
A Discourse Delivered February 19, 1795; Being the Day of National Thanksgiving. by Ezra Sampson, Pastor of the Christian Society in Plympton. Published at the Request of a Number of the Hearers
The Revd. Mr. Trosse's Arguments Answered; Relating to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Deity of the Holy Ghost. Taken from His Catechism, and Sermon on Luke XXII. 31. Printed at Exon
Answers for William Graham, Esq; And Others, Petitioners; To the Memorial of Thomas Dundas of Fingask, Esq; Respondent, Produced by Him to the Justices of Peace of Stirling-Shire, the 10th Curt.
The Idleness of Business: A Satyr. Address'd to One Who Said, Man Shewed His Spirit, Industry, and Parts, by His Love of Business. by William Wycherley, Esq. the Second Edition.
Palm Kernel Meal and Copra Meal for Broiler
A Caveat on the Part of Public Credit, Previous to the Opening of the Budget, for the Present Year, 1768. the Second Edition
Healing the Wounds of War
Could the IMF Announcements Contribute to Coordination of Speculators?
Models of Bilingual Education
Scars of War: The Liberian Civil Carnage
Price Flexibility in Relation to Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Online
High-Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome in Schools: Assessment and Intervention
Some Contributions to Two Estimation Problems
Understanding Fans of the English Soccer Premier League in Lusaka
Teaching Using Computer Game Development
A Phenomenological Psychological Analysis
Race, Gender, and the Labor Market: Inequalities at Work
On the Correlation Clustering Problem
Investigative Journalism in China - Eight Cases in Chinese Watchdog Journalism
The Free-Briton's Advice to the Free-Citizens of Dublin. Number III.
A Sermon, Preached in St. Andrew's, Dublin; Before the Honourable House of Commons: On Thursday, Nov. 29, 1759; ... by William Fletcher, ...
A Sermon Preached in Lambeth Chapel, at the Consecration of the Honourable and Right Reverend William Lord Bishop of St. David's, on Sunday, January 12, 1794. by Charles Peter Layard,
A Race for Eternal Life: Being an Extract from the Heavenly Footman. a Sermon on 1 Corinthians IX. 24. Written by the Author of the Pilgrim's Progress. by the REV. Mr. Fletcher.
A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Loughborough, Lord High Chancellor of England, &c. &c. from Richard Wilson, Esq. M.P. on the Subject of His Bill of Divorce, from the Hon. Anne Wilson, Late Townsend,
Ode for the Enc nia Held at Oxford, July 1793, for the Reception of His Grace William-Henry-Cavendish Duke of Portland, ... by Robert Holmes, ... Set by Ph. Hayes, ...
A Letter to the Right Honourable J-N L-D A-Y
Practical Rules of Diet in the Various Constitutions and Diseases of Human Bodies. by John Arbuthnot,
The Day of Judgment: A Poetical Essay
A Treatise of Conic Sections. Dedicated to the Provost, ... of the College of Dublin. by Robert Steell. [a New Edition]
Epicteti Enchiridion. the Morals of Epictetus Made English, in a Poetical Paraphrase. by Ellis Walker, M.a
Village Memoirs; In a Series of Letters Between a Clergyman and His Family in the Country, and His Son in Town
A Full and Faithful Narrative of the Dealings of Divine Providence with Mathetes, from Early Life to His Call to the Ministry; ... Written by Himself, in a Series of Letters to the Reverend Mr. Davis,
Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpture: Native Genius Reaffirmed
Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England
Shostakovich's Preludes and Fugues: Contexts, Style, Performance
Galleries of Friendship and Fame: A History of Nineteenth-Century American Photograph Albums
World's Greadest Financial Frauds: Japandese and U.S. War Plunder
Dragons or Dinosaurs?: Creation or Evolution?
Vietnam Journal Book Four: M.I.A.
The Church of Christ
Creation Care: The Truth about Living Green and Healing Our Planet
Crazy Quilt Odyssey: Adventures in Victorian Needlework
Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts!
Shadows of Yesteryear
A Very Merry Book of Christmas Scripts: 12 Yuletide Favorites
America's New Empire: The 1890s and Beyond
Bad Students, Not Bad Schools
The Nature and Essence of Economic Theory
An Essay on Genius. by Alexander Gerard, D.D.
A Treatise of Military Discipline; In Which Is Laid Down and Explained the Duty of the Officer and Soldier, ... by Humphrey Bland, ... the Sixth Edition
Dialogues Concerning Education. by Mr. David Fordyce, ... the Third Edition. Volume 1 of 2
Effectiveness of Aid to Primary Education
The History of the Inquisition. by Philip a Limborch, ... Translated Into English by Samuel Chandler. in Two Volumes. ... to Which Is Prefixed, a Large Introduction ... Volume 1 of 2
Pakistan Textile Exports
Reputation Based Job Allocation in Computational Grid
The American Department Store Transformed, 1920-1960
Melancholy Drift - Marking Time in Chinese Cinema
Biology's First Law: The Tendency for Diversity and Complexity to Increase in Evolutionary Systems
Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychopathy
Hidden Mirror Gauge Sectors
The Role of Interoperability
A Sermon Preached Before the Lord Mayor, and Magistracy of Dublin, ... October the 18th. 1707. by Edward, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor. Printed at Their Request
A Funeral Sermon, Upon the Sudden and Much Lamented Death of Dr. Francis Upton; Who Died September 4th, 1711. Preached at Black-Fryars. by Samuel Wright. the Fourth Edition
Mr. Lacy's Letter to the Reverend Dr. Josiah Woodward, Concerning His Remarks on the Modern Prophets
The Nature of True Greatness: A Sermon; Preached at Manchester, March 15, 1792, Before the Members of the New Church; ... by J. Proud, N.H.M
Sermons by the Late Reverend John Main,
Contesting History: The Bush Counterinsurgency Legacy in Iraq
A Third Letter to Dr. Newcome, Bishop of Waterford, on the Duration of Our Saviour's Ministry. by Joseph Priestley,
Health Information in a Changing World: Practical Approaches for Teachers, Schools, and School Librarians
Oratio Anniversaria in Theatro Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensium Habita, Die XVIII Octobris, Anno 1721. in Laudem Medicin Et Medicorum Illustrium, Aliorumque Ejusdem Collegii Commodis Faventium.
Two Dialogues Between an Antinomian and His Friend. by John Wesley, ... the Third Edition
A Sermon, Preached at Prittlewell, in the County of Essex, on the 18th of September, 1791. Soon After the Riots at Birmingham, and the Self-Murder of Mr. Sutherland. by Herbert Croft,
A Sermon Preached on Friday the Fourth of February, MDCCLXXX. the Late Day of National Humiliation, to a Congregation of Protestant-Dissenters, in Saint-Saviour-Gate, York, ... by Newcome Cappe.
The Duty and Reward of Religious Stedfastness. a Farewel-Sermon Preach'd at the Parish-Church of St. Bartholomew, Near the Royal-Exchange. October the 10th 1714. by Thomas Fyson, ...
A Sermon Preach'd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, at Salters-Hall, June 28, 1736. by Samuel Say. ...
A Sermon Preach'd in the Parish-Church of St. Botolph Aldgate, on Sunday the 28th of October, 1705. ... by John Swynfen,
Theopepoithesis: Or, the Happiness of a Divine Confidence. in a Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of St. Mary White Chappel, on Sunday, October 28th, 1705. ... by R. Welton,
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at St. Margaret's Westminster, Upon Friday the 11th Day of February 1757, ... by John Taylor, ...
Honori Sacellum. a Funeral Poem to the Memory of the Most Noble Henry Duke of Beaufort, &c. by E. Settle.
Some Important Duties and Doctrines of Religion Prov'd from the Sacred Scriptures. with Some Occasional Thoughts on Deism, &c. Divided Into Four Chapters. by H. l'Estrange, Esq
An Oration by Mr. Peter Burman Against the Studies of Humanity. ... Translated Into English, and the Original Annext. the Second Edition
Belisarius. by M. Marmontel, ... a New Translation
The Christian's Manual. in Two Parts. I. the Catechumen: ... II. an Introduction to the Sacrament: ... to Which Is Added, the Communicant's Assistant, ... by L. Addison, ... the Fifth Edition
Horneck's Fire of the Altar Versified: Or, Feasting on a Sacrifice: A Poem. Containing Certain Directions How to Raise the Soul Into Holy Flames,
Cato Major. a Poem. Upon the Model of Tully's Essay of Old Age. in Four Books. by Samuel Catherall,
Handbook of Psychotherapy Case Formulation, Second Edition
When the Gods Were Born: Greek Cosmogonies and the Near East
Carolina. Ecloga in Diem Natalem Willielmin , Carolin , Serenissim Principis Walli ; Qui Incidit in Calendas Martias, D. Davidi ... Pace, Georgio Magno ... Auctore Johanne Gagnier, A.M.
Religious Singularity Display'd. Shewing the Necessity of Practising That Great Christian Vertue. by John Norris, M.A. ... the Ninth Edition.
Divine Favour the Highest Honour of a King, and the Greatest Encouragement of a Nation, Proved in God's Answering the Prayer of King Solomon
Simon and Mary. Being the Substance of a Sermon Preached at Exeter, in the Year 1744. by John Cennick. the Fourth Edition
A Sermon, Preached by Francis Burton, ... Upon Friday the 27th of February, 1778: Being, by Proclamation, a General Fast. Printed Particularly for the Perusal of His Own Parishioners
Sunday Reading. the Touchstone; Or, the Way to Know a True Christian ...
The Family Instructor in Three Parts; I. Relating to Fathers and Children. II. to Masters and Servants. III. to Husbands and Wives. the Second Edition. Corrected by the Author. Volume 1 of 2
Devout Exercises of the Heart, ... by the Late ... Mrs Elizabeth Rowe. Reviewed and Published, at Her Request, by I. Watts, D.D
A Serious Address to Unbaptized Christians. Wherein Are Shewn, I. the Proper Qualifications Necessary to Baptism. ... to Which Is Prefixed A A Prefatory Discourse, ... by Thomas Palmer
A Farther Vindication of the Soul's Separate Existence, and Immortality. in Answer to Dr. I's Farther Thoughts Upon His Second Thoughts Concerning Human Soul. ... by John Turner, ...
Discorso Sopra Le Vicende Della Letteratura, del Sig. Carlo Denina, ... Edizione Seconda.
Poems on Several Occasions: In Which Are Included, the Toilette, and the Fall. by Joseph Thurston, Gent. the Second Edition
The Poetical Works of John Pomfret. with the Life of the Author. Cooke's Edition. Embellished with Superb Engravings
Poems on Various Occasions: Consisting of Original Pieces and Translations, by Samuel Bentley
A Plan for Finally Settling the Government of Ireland Upon Constitutional Principles; And the Chief Cause of the Unprosperous State of That Country Explained
An Oration, Delivered on Tuesday, November 29, 1796, at the Great Room, in Brewer Street, on the Resignation of General Washington, ... by John Gale Jones
The Mine: A Dramatic Poem. to Which Are Added Two Historic Odes. by John Sargent, Esq. the Third Edition
Two Speeches in the House of Commons on the Original East-India Bill and on the Amended Bill, on the 16th and 26th of July, 1784, by Philip Francis, Esq
Stress and Burnout in Collegiate Certified Athletic Trainers
An Ecumenical Vision for Sustainable Peace
The Office of the Judge, Promoted by Collet and Havard, Against Evanson.
The Survey of the Earth in Its General Vileness and Debauch. with Some New Projects to Mend or Cobble It. by Edmund Hickeringill,
A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of Clare, in Suffolk, at the Presentation of the Colours to the Military Association of That Place, on Wednesday, June 26, 1799. by C. Hayward,
Youth's Miscellany; Or, a Father's Gift to His Children: Consisting of Original Essays, Moral and Literary; Tales, Fables, Reflections, &c. ... by the Author of the Juvenile Olio, &c. &c
By Way of Prevention, a Sleepy Sermon, Calculated for the Dog Days, with an Address to the Clergy, ... by the Reverend James Penn,
The Retrospect; Or, Reflections on the State of Religion and Politics in France and Great Britain. by the Rev. John Owen,
An Authentick Account of the Life of Paul Wells, Gent. Who Was Eexecuted [sic] at Oxford, Sept. 1, 1749, for Forgery; Notwithstanding the Interest Used to Get Him a Pardon. ...
A Brief Journal of the Life Travels and Labours of Love, in the Work of the Ministry, of That Eminent and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Wilson, Who Departed This Life, ... 1725
The Weathercock, Or, Ladies Fortune-Teller. a Musical Entertainment of Two Acts; As Performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden;
A Fish Head in the Dark: An Auld Story in Scottish Rhyme. Concluded with the Ghaist, a Dream; And an Elegiac Song. Dedicated to Thomas Smith, Esq. by His Humble Servant Edinas
A View of Life in Its Several Passions. with a Preliminary Discourse on Moral Writing
Creadur Newydd, Yng Nghrefydd Crist, Y: Gwedi Ei Osod Allan Mewn Pregeth. Gan William Beferidge, ... Newydd Ei Chyfieithu O'r Saesonaeg, Er Budd I'r Cymry.
Three Short Political Poems, Addressed to the Society for Preserving Liberty and Property Against Levellers and Republicans. by John Parrish
The Speech of the Rev. Sir Thomas Broughton, Bart. at the Meeting Held at Stafford, the 27th of February Last, for the Purpose of Addressing the King on the Present Situation of Public Affairs
J-- S--D's Ghost: Being News from t'Other Side the World. in a Letter from Newgate, from Brother Will to Brother Jack
The Anatomy of the Human Body. by W. Cheselden, ... the Xth Edition with Forty Copper Plates Engrav'd by Ger: Vandergucht
Opticks: Or, a Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, Inflections and Colours of Light. the Third Edition, Corrected. by Sir Isaac Newton, Knt
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. by William Paley, ... the Fourth Edition Corrected. Volume 2 of 2
Delle Novelle Di Franco Sacchetti ... Volume 3 of 3
de Graecis Illustribus Linguae Graecae Literarumque Humaniorum Instauratoribus, Eorum Vitis, Scriptis, Et Elogiis Libri Duo. ... Deprompsit Humphredus Hodius, ...
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. by William Paley, ... the Fourth Edition Corrected. Volume 1 of 2
Poems; Chiefly Composed from Recent Events. by MR Nisbet
The Millennium [sic]: Or, a Dissertation on the Most Prosperous State of the Church of Christ Here on Earth for a Thousand Years. by Joseph Greenhill, ... the Fifth Edition, with Large Additions
Alfred the Great, an Oratorio, as It Was Represented at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. the Musick New Composed by Mr. Arne
Reflections on the War. in Answer to Reflections on Peace, Addressed to Mr. Pitt, and the French Nation. by Francis d'Ivernois, Esq. Translated from the Original French
Considerations on the Leather Trade of Great Britain. Containing, an Account of the Losses Which the Landed as Well as Trading Interests Suffer by the Exportation of Unmanufactured British Leather.
The Gentleman's Pocket-Farrier; Shewing How to Use Your Horse on a Journey: And What Remedies Are Proper for Common Misfortunes That May Befal Him on the Road. by Capt. William Burdon
Studies on the Genetic Basis for Thermotolerance
Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan
Nonindustrial Private Forestland Owners
Antipole Tree Indexing and Graphgrepvf
An Essay Concerning the Nature of Aliments, and the Choice of Them, According to the Different Constitutions of Human Bodies. ... by John Arbuthnot,
Aminta Favola Boscareccia Di Torquato Tasso.
Various Thoughts on Politics, Morality, and Literature. by W. Burdon,
The History of Our Customs, Aids, Subsidies, National Debts, and Taxes, from William the Conqueror, to the Present Year 1764. in Four Parts. by T. Cunningham, Esq
A Discourse Concerning Fevers. in Two Letters to a Young Physician. ... with Some Short, But General Remarks Upon the Pulse and Urine, ... as Also Upon the Crises, and Critical Days in Fevers
An Oration, Spoken at Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, on the Anniversary of American Independence, July 4th, A.D. 1799. by William Brown
An Impartial Review of Robert Barclay's Pretended Apology for the Principles of the Quakers. by William Notcutt
A Treatise of the Three Evils of the Last Times: I. the Sword, II. the Pestilence, III. the Famine; And of Their Natural and Moral Causes. as Also of the Ensuing Coming of Antichrist;
The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual
Electroweak Theory
A True Account of the Nature, End and Efficacy of the Sacrament of the Lord's-Supper; ... in Which Is Contained, an Answer to a Book, Entitled, a Plain Account of This Sacrament. ... by Thomas Bowyer,
Philadelphia Story
Is Today a Stay at Home Day?
Star the Tooth Fairy Wants to Know If You Need Braces?
Old Enough to Do Good in the World
Overcoming Offenses: Your Keys to Success
Star the Tooth Fairy Is Checking on You!
William Augustus Bowles: Director General of the Creek Nation
The Human Person: According to John Paul II
An Authentic Statement of the Proceedings of the Members of the Ancient Church of Scotland, Residing in London, Respecting the Mode of Administering Oaths
The Manners of the Antient Christians. Extracted from a French Author. by John Wesley, ... the Third Edition
Cydymaith Mewn Cystudd; Neu, Hyfforddiwr Trwy Ddyffryn Marwolaeth. O Gasgliad Peter Williams, ...
A Defence of Episcopacy. a Sermon Preach'd Before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's on Trinity-Sunday 1708. by Tho. Bisse
Further Correction of the Vicar of Banbury, in a Reply to His Third Pamphlet Intituled, the Plain-Dealing of the Quakers, &c. by Richard Vivers
A Seasonable Admonition to the Church of England. a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, on the Twenty Ninth of May, 1751.
A Sermon Preached in the Church of St. George the Martyr, London, on Friday, March 12, 1762; Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast and Humiliation. by the Rev. James Sheeles,
Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup
A Vindication of the Miscellanea Analytica: In Answer to a Late Pamphlet Entitled Observations, &c
The Antiquities of Ireland by Francis Grose ... Volume 1 of 2
An Epistle to the Called of God, Every-Where; In Order to Stir Up Their Minds, by Way of Remembrance, of the Great End for Which They Are Called: With Exhortation to Keep Unity. ... by Richard Ashby
Den Volkomene Engelsche Spraakkonst, Voor Heeren En Juffrouwen ... = the Compleat English Grammar for Gentlemen and Ladies ... Door George Smith
Plays of Three Acts; Written for a Private Theatre. by William Hayley, Esq
Discourses on Tea, Sugar, Milk, Made-Wines, Spirits, Punch, Tobacco, &c. with Plain and Useful Rules for Gouty People. by Thomas Short, M.D
A Full Inquiry Into the Subject of Suicide. to Which Are Added ... Two Treatises on Duelling and Gaming. in Two Volumes. by Charles Moore, ... Volume 1 of 2
Memoirs Concerning the Affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's Accession to the Throne, to the Commencement of the Union of England and Scotland, in May 1707, ... by Mr. Lockart. the Fourth Edition
Challenges in Applying Human Rights Law to Armed Conflict
New Zealand Numeracy Projects - Intentions Versus Implementation
Children of Parents with Acute Central Nervous System Injuries
Salicylate Intolerance and the Healthier I Ate the Sicker I Got (Revised 2nd Edition)
Sweet School Day
Great in 8: Job Seeking Skills
My Life with Ewa: The Early Years
Detras de Las Barras Y Las Estrellas
A Genesis Found: The Film Companion
Astrology and Personality
Float Away Today
The Interaction Between Drosophila and Its Microsporidian Parasite
What Is the Meaning of Salvation in the Salvation Army Today?
Shifting the Paradigm: Through the Lens of the Disadvantaged
Local-Global Coupling in Evolutionary Strategy Games
The Farmer, Husbandman, and Labourer's Land Measurer: Or, Land Measuring Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity. ... with Tables, Shewing What Maketh an Acre at Any Length, ... by a Farmer
Discussing Moudawana
Terence's Comedies Made English, with His Life, and Some Remarrs [sic] at the End. by Mr. Laurence Echard, and Others. Revis'd and Corrected by Dr. Echard and Sir R. l'Estrange. the Fifth Edition
Frequent Communion: Or, the Advantages and Necessity of It, Asserted and Proved from Scripture, Authority, and Tradition. Compiled by A. C
A Letter to the Reverend the Prolocutor Being an Answer to That Part of His Letter That Relates to the King's Supremacy. by Edward Tenison ... the Second Edition
A New and General System of Midwifery. in Four Parts. by Brudenell Exton, ... the Third Edition
The Salvation of Souls the Desire and Endeavour of Every Faithful Minister of the Gospel. Being the Substance of Two Sermons from Romans X. 1. ... by John Gowdie
Longsword, Earl of Salisbury. an Historical Romance. a New Edition
Brif Gristionogaeth a Ymadfywiwyd, Yn y Ffydd AC Ymarferiad y Bobl a Elwir Quakers. ... Gan William Penn.
An Adaptive Approach for Clustering Incomplete Data Sets
The Role of Environmental Ethics in Human-Nature Interaction
The Development of a Passive, Wireless Sensor System
Cdk Control of Mitotic Progression
The Impact of Language Proficiency on Complex Performance Assessments
Assessment of the Use of Ict in the Financial Sector
Solar Silicon Refining
Lexical Bundles
A Letter to Doctor Pitt, an Eminent Physician at Oxford. by a Young Lady of Oxford; ...
Proposals Humbly Offered to His Excellency Lord Townshend, and to the Present Parliament, for the Improvement of Trade, and Restoration of Cash and Public Credit to Ireland, ...
A Friendly Dialogue Between Theophilus and Philadelphus: Principally Founded on the Political Publications of Mr. William Mason, ... by John Towers,
An Old Man Taught Wisdom; Or, the Virgin Unmask'd. a Farce. as It Is Perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. by His Majesty's Servants. by Henry Fielding, Esq. the Seventh Edition.
A Defence of Mr. Steele, in a Letter to a Friend in the Country
A Sermon Preach'd on the Death of the Princess Sophia, Electress Dowager of Hanover, at the Parish Church of St. Giles in the Fields, ... June 6. 1714
Moderation and No Moderation. a Letter from a Tory to a Whiggish Member of Parliament. by Mr. Sage

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